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IHT: The 53 places to go in 2008

The International Herald Tribune writes:


Blame Madonna. Safarigoers tended to overlook Malawi, but that has changed since she began her effort to adopt a 1-year-old boy from this tiny African country that lies within the Great Rift Valley. Next July, the luxury lodge Pumulani ( is set to open 10 villas on spectacular Lake Malawi, home to rare cichlids and pied kingfishers.

All listed in the NYT

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The van der Post trail

Found this interesting read at Times Online:
A voyage round my father

A daughter follows her father’s footsteps to Mount Mulanje.

Page three of the article includes travel tips.

Malawi is Africa as it once was, so there are no vast luxurious holiday compounds and few sumptuous lodges to insulate you from the masses.

Here are a couple of links on the book “Venture to the Interior” by Laurens van der Post: 1 2

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in the summertime


I tried to capture today’s awesomely red fireball of a sunset in Basel. My cameraphone snapshot doesn’t quite do it justice. But heh, that’s one moment in time captured and stored and uploaded and tagged and online.

Stumbled across this blog entry:
We googled you!

And it definitely raises an important discussion point… what will recruiting employers do with all the data they find on a job applicant. has published some interesting travel tips on Malawi. For example, spending vacation on a tea estate in Thyolo:

More visitors to southern Malawi are discovering the delights of staying in one of the colonial ‘managers’ bungalows on the Satemwa Tea Estate with its views of Mount Mulanje in one direction and the Lower Shire Valley in the other. Now, the UK national newspaper, The Independent has ranked Satemwa among the world’s top five ‘tea hotels’. And there’s more good news. Satemwa is now a certified Fair Trade producer – the only one in Southern Africa.

It’s possible for guests to sample a selection of black, green and white (yes, white) teas as they look across the neat tea gardens and try to identify the birds from the hundreds of species that are resident or passing through the area. You prefer coffee? No problem, coffee is also grown here.

The Satemwa Tea Estate is a wonderful place to stay if exploring in the Thyolo and Mount Mulanje area. They have a new and very informative website:

A family favorite is Lujeri Tea Estate at the foot of Mount Mulanje.

Which reminds me that I wanted to write a blog entry on Club Makokola. I’ve uploaded a short film I took on the beach, but for some reason the Flash movie only shows 4 secs. The corresponding Quicktime movie is fine. I tried re-exporting with a shareware tool I found, but it’s too lossy.

Any tips on open source video editing tools are greatly appreciated…
Regarding audio, I found that Audacity is useful.