Late Nite Prototyping

(work in progress, here’s a provisional brain dump) Quick test install to demonstrate how WordPress can be used for a corporate newsroom: (Update – 3rd November 2009 – Note from the Editor: The prototype has been discontinued – but rest assured that the knowledge is still available) The main page shows all news in chronological …

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The RSS Footer

One of my regular Google alerts currently points to a blog that is scraping entire sections of my content and displaying these on a Blogspot site. I have reported the Blogspot site via this website: And I’m well aware of the fact that anything I publish on the world wide web is up for grabs. …

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Boxing Day

I’m playing around with WordPress themes today 😉 Currently displaying is a Mac theme to celebrate this year’s move to a MacBook. It snowed a little bit today… about half a millimeter.

Error 403

A WordPress plugin called Bad Behavior blocked me out of my own blog this morning. Error 403 We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for /wordpress/wp-admin/index-extra.php?jax=incominglinks on this server. Your Internet Protocol address is listed on a blacklist of addresses involved in malicious or illegal activity. See the listing below for more details …

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Adding a contact form

I’m trying out cforms II for a work blog. See Contact WordPress plugins are getting more and more elaborate… took me a while to get this form to display cos of the various options. Lorelle has an overview of contact form plug-ins.

White Space

(half-geek plans) Maybe I’ll try out this WordPress theme over the weekend: Whitespace WordPress Theme And I’ve still got to figure out how to install and configure a Tomcat on a Mac. And I still want to install MacFuse and MacFusion

nchenga’s Web 2.0 roundup: Links and comments

How many online services did you sign up for, use once or twice, and then never return again? In my case, that would be lots of ’em. Some of them are really popular services like Digg or Mister Wong, where I just haven’t found a personal use case, or I’ve got a substitute or workaround. …

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Weekend is WordPress playland here at the headquarters of Chiperoni.ch. I upgraded to the latest version of WP 2.0.5 and started playing around with the Tarski and Simplr themes. Quite undecided still. Will probably return to the previous design any time soon. Here’s the current Tarski setup: And Simplr: Also included is the usual WP …

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