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Search intent

In SEO, you need to figure out the search intent. Best place to do this is to study the SERPs, auto-suggest, and related searches.

Notes to keep in mind:

  • Don’t target content without first understanding the searcher.
  • Look at Google SERPs, search suggest, related searches to determine search intent.
  • Look for gaps.

SEO for B2B services and products: How to get started?

the start of my very own stock photo collection for presentations

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to provide some free consulting on how I would start SEO for a new B2B services or products company.

Here are my notes:

wooden tetris

#Sandra’s advice on how to start

There are different kinds of web visitors. Try to find groups and segments, and the info that they are looking for.

These include:

  • Existing clients
  • Potential clients
  • Job seekers
  • Investors / stakeholders
  • Journalists

Learn as much as you can about your web visitors, clients and potential clients.

  • What are their interests?
  • What do they read?
  • What are their work goals? What do they need to achieve?
  • What are trends and changes affecting the industry?
  • What are the challenges?
  • How do clients select a product/service?
  • What are the painpoints?
  • What happens when a project fails?
  • How long is the evaluation time before a product/service is purchased?

Build a persona description for each important web visitor group. This will help you create web pages and blog posts tailored to this type of web visitor.

Interview clients (if you are allowed to) and client-facing staff (if you are not).

Analyse the websites of competitors.

Remember, products and services that achieve a similar solution to yours are also competitors. I encountered technology companies that argued there’s no competition for their new service. Many times they ignored substitutes.

dieser weg

#Factors influencing SEO (cross-clicks, anchor texts?)

Follow best practices for on-page SEO.

Remember that page titles and meta descriptions are the very first texts that a web visitor will see in the SERPs. Prepare these two with care.

For any web page, these elements remain important:

  • Page title
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Internal links within the main body of the text
  • Backlinks from relevant, high quality websites with good anchor text

Follow the tips in this article on RankBrain:

  • 301 redirects for missing pages
  • rel=canonical tags for duplicate content
  • optimize structured data and alternative tags
  • resolve any broken links

Publishing long paragraphs without headings, bullet lists, images is a recipe for failure. Many people scan thru a web page before they dig in.

“(…) readers spend less than 10 seconds on a webpage before moving away. So you need to ensure your readers do not have to make an effort to read your content.”

Remember that Google is looking at many additional factors. It measures engagement.

tree detail

#Keyword research

Think in topics.

Consider search intent. Are search words informational or transactional? Always check the SERPs to see what kind of results display.

Voice search is changing how keyword research has been done in the past couple of years. Expect more 3-word phrases, more questions, more variants as people search by speaking to Cortana, Alexa, and Google Voice Search.

Vespa speedometer

#Content/Inbound marketing

Content should be “useful” for your clients, help them achieve their work goals faster, educate them.

Who cares if you are the world leader? Can you solve my business problem? Are you a reliable provider? This is more relevant to me.

Here’s a good test:

  • Is it useful?
  • Is it aligned (with both reader needs and business goals)?
  • Is it unique?

Regular blog posts:

  • Blog as often as you can without comprising on quality.
  • Produce short, useful videos (20 to 30 seconds long).
  • Share your slide decks.

You need both: Quality and quantity.

If you can: Try two new blog posts per week. Higher frequency helps you find what will stick faster.

“Create Diverse, Easily Consumed Content”


#Platforms (B2B) to target, content, frequency

Find out what your competitors are doing (special industry platforms?, Twitter? Linkedin? Whatsapp groups? Chatbots?)

Linkedin is probably the best B2B social media platform of the moment.

Build communities of people interested in your service.

Promote your content on social media.

fischer netz am rhein

#Measurement and evaluation

Tools I use regularly include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMRush
  • Linkdex
  • Brightedge

Measure the number of leads to try and find what kind of pages or marketing activity will convert better.

Find out how many sessions you need to convert a web visitor into a lead.

Get a tool like or to see the customer journey on your site.

WordPress plugin for OpenInbound:


Drupal module for OpenInbound:
Measure usability with Hotjar or Crazy Egg.

pattern to be used as a background for slides or a website?

#References on internet marketing for further studying

I read a huge amount of SEO news. Regular reads include:

Be careful, even wary, of case studies, success stories, sweeping generalizations, easy fixes.

reminds me of Karl Valentin's explanation: "Wann ist ein Fremder unter Fremden"

#Consider the interdisciplinary nature of SEO

Technical aspects, content, interaction design, usability, marketing strategy need to play together.

Build a small, agile team.


Snapshots of the day

I took part in yesterday’s Basel Photography Meetup. The topic was construction sites. Quite a challenge. And inspiring to see what other photographers see at the same location.

My snaps:


auf der baustelle

auf der baustelle

My fave of the day is really for my collection of bicycle content. Velo content for the win:

green for bicycles


O’sinta sinta maiko

End of September is anniversary time. When I remember packing my Mazda 323 and driving over the alps to Lugano. Moving from Germany to Switzerland.

General wordpress

WordPress maintenance

WordPress is very popular. Some stats say 25% of all websites are made with WordPress. Popularity comes at a price. Security is more important than ever.

To refresh my knowledge, I am working my way thru this Udemy course on WordPress maintenance.


Tweet to keep

Fished this from my Twitter timeline:

General tech

#uxcampch 2017 – Some notes

I attended last Saturday’s #uxcampch in Zürich.

First talk was on designing screens for HbbTV. 10 Foot UI. Samuel Raymann talked about his project at SRG and designing for TV sets. I liked this project report about design challenges.

Next, I joined a discussion on digital education. Difficult to summarize in a couple of words. Apparently, even in 2017, there are tonnes of teachers that don’t use digital resources and apps in their teaching plans. At the same time, many students are distracted by very elaborate, leading edge, commercial apps. Educational software publishers could benefit from UX methodology and agile processes. And one attendee suggested UX designers should consider enter the teaching profession.

Then, there was a session on virtual reality. One hololens and 120 attendees. And very shaky videos as we watched people try out the headset. Conclusion: User interaction is not quite there yet. The hand gestures are quite difficult to learn, it seems.

I felt this session shows what is happening. Enthusiasts, gamers, early adopters are embracing virtual reality, augmented reality faster than ever before. While at the same time the digital divide is increasing (c.f. educational system). Many of us, normal folks, will be consumers of elaborate marketing and manipulation machines that we don’t know how to program.

One thing to note is: voice control will become more widespread.

In many ways the VR session reminded me of shaky holiday videos from long ago. But it’s coming into our daily lives in a big way.

Other sessions of note:

Making privacy useable

Conversational Design

On design sprints

Big thank you to the organizers.


2 tweets to keep on integrating design in agile

I liked 2 Jeff Gotthelf tweets on design:


Background articles on image optimization

For future reference:

Image optimization

How to perform an image optimization audit

I read this Canva article on web images.


Naturmärt in Riehen

I visited the Naturmärt in Riehen last Saturday.

I bought some plants:

  • Borretsch
  • Mint
  • Rosemary

There were many different booths and activities. Three services that caught my eye were:


It always takes longer than you expect

For future reference:

(…) the one who is best qualified to make a time estimate (the engineer) isn’t the one who needs it most

Source: The Software Engineer’s Essential Time Estimation Guide


Scrum and Design

I found this Medium article discussing Scrum and its effect on the design process.

marketing tech


For future reference:
Creating Collaboration in a Room Full of Opinions


Overheard: “Hello! I’m jogging.”

I just passed four joggers on my daily bicycle ride home from work. Just as i passed, one of the joggers answered her smartphone while continuing to jog:

“Hello! I’m jogging.”

flickr Photos

Best snapshot of 2016?

Another year has passed. And it’s time to look at my photos and select a snapshot per month.

My photo selection skills are influenced by memories, rather than the photo’s quality alone.

The method:
I quickly scan through my photos on a per month basis and select a photo based on number of views, personal taste, or memories or a mixture of all three.

See past summaries for 2015 and 2014 and 2013 and 2012 and 2010.

January 2016

snow shower

February 2016

riehen dorfkirche

March 2016


April 2016

handheld snapshot at the waterfront

May 2016


June 2016


July 2016

cycling holidays

August 2016

cos i'm leaving on a jet plane

September 2016


October 2016

Westweg Pforzheim <-> Basel

November 2016

leaves lying on the road

December 2016

münster from wettstein bridge on 1 december 2016

Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.

You can also view the selection in this Flickr album.

best of 2016?