Scrum and UX design
I saw this article on Scrum and UX design at (in German only).
“Büseli, Büseli”
How to call your cat indoors on a rainy autumn evening in Basel: “Büseli, Büseli“ Büsi is Swiss-German for cat.
Learning to use Hugo to build websites
I’m learning how to use Hugo to build websites. I signed up for a Udemy course by Dan Hersham. I followed the tip to use Homebrew. And 2 to 3 commands later I had generated a skeleton of a site. Hugo is well-documented and it looks like an exciting alternative to explore. It supports TOML, […]
Quote to remember
via Su Franke on Flickr: "Firmen wollen auf den Mond fliegen, haben aber nur klapprige Fahrräder rumstehen" Zitat von Jürg Stuker — Panchenga (@nchenga) September 17, 2016
The fast track to DIY images
For all my creative photography friends, here’s an article by Moz on how images boost conversion. And a list of tools. Visage Recordit GIFboom (no link cos the sample photos look like they are intended for a dating site) Placeit Studio SnapChat (errr… really?) The sample images displayed in the Moz […]
Co-working space in Copenhagen
Need a place to work in CPH for a couple of hours or 1 day? I can recommend the cafe of Good coffee. Work atmosphere with other people working around you.
Recommended article: Great content isn’t the same as long-form content
Here’s a Moz article on the current trend to write long-form articles. Great Content ≠ Long-Form Content Long-form articles need to be well-researched. Just going for length is not going to work. “Create content that helps people.” It’s fun… writing about long-form articles in very short blog posts.
3 Copywriting tips supported by research
Tip 1: Use simple vocabulary Tip 2: Use short sentences Tip 3: Help readers navigate your writing See: Three online copywriting tips supported by research
Using Google Analytics in web apps
For future reference Learning to Use Google Analytics More Effectively at CodePen
Barcamp Bodensee 2016
Last Saturday I attended Barcamp Bodensee in Konstanz. Here are some brief notes and thoughts on sessions that I attended: Ask a digital teen Barcamp attendees asked a 15 year old what apps and web services he uses. Youtube, Gaming, TeamSpeak, Discord app, some Whatsapp, Google Calendar. No TV. No Facebook. His school doesn’t allow […]
Some photos from my Flickr stream: I’ve got this theory that fresh green colour soothes the eyes and helps to relax.   I saw 2 cats. Both look somewhat unamused. And ready to pounce on any intruders. Saturday was sunny and warm. I like this snapshot, taken with my Moto 3 G:
Useful check list for your new WordPress site
I found this list of useful tips on launching a WordPress site: Don’t Launch a WordPress Site Before You Go Through This Checklist too late, already launched — Panchenga (@nchenga) March 27, 2016 Things to watch out for are: fast hosting search-engine optimized theme WordPress is working on a new codebase: The new […]
Museum Unterlinden in Colmar
On my daily bicycle commute, I kept noticing art posters, labelled Le nouvel Unterlinden. Today, I saw a Designboom article, shared by someone in my community, discussing the newly renovated museum in Colmar. herzog & de meuron renovates and extends colmar's musée unterlinden — designboom (@designboom) February 7, 2016 Connection made. Advertising works. […]
It’s February already
I listened to the latest episode of The Big Web Show this weekend. The topic was interaction architecture. Here’s a tweet pointing to the show: Is Information Architecture a dead art, or does it matter more than ever?@abby_the_ia @zeldman Big Web Show â„– 142 — The Big Web Show (@thebigwebshow) January 22, 2016 On Sunday […]
Recommended movie: An by Naomi Kawase
I saw this film: An by Naomi Kawase. I liked it. It’s about freedom. It has a poetic feel. It’s slow and feels real. You get attached to the main characters.
Best snapshot of 2015?
Here is an attempt to find my best snapshot per month for 2015. January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 August 2015 September 2015 October 2015 November 2015 December 2015 The method: I quickly scanned through my photos on a per month basis and selected a photo based […]