Reasons to blog
I saw this article today on the benefits of blogging: “So why should you blog?” — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) November 1, 2015 Blogs refine your thoughts Blogs reward the creator Blogs amplify your humanity Blogs connect us to our tribes Blogs give introverts a voice Blogs reward the “new age” publishers Blogs embrace the experimenters Blogs […]
Jetpack Publicize
Auto-sharing via Jetpack Publicize didn’t work on my previous post on I’ll need to investigate if there is a conflict with another plugin. Irgendetwas ist immer. Maybe this post will be auto-shared?
Autumn colours
Last weekend, I went for a walk on Belchen in the southern Black Forest (1414 m). Not as high and spectacular as the Swiss alps, but still very beautiful. I nearly forgot to take my camera. Here are some snapshots:
A vine a day
I’ve started using Vine on my 2nd generation Moto G. I haven’t bought a tripod or started editing vines. Some recent shots: Everyday typography: Everyday typography — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 22, 2015 Chiperoni ku Basel (drizzle rain in Basel): Chiperoni ku Basel — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 15, 2015 Velo culture: Velo culture […]
Referral traffic from social media has dropped
I saw this Bufferapp article on declining social media traffic. We’ve lost nearly half our social referral traffic in the last year I say. No wonder. Everybody is online, creating tonnes of content. Most people are too busy to read, let alone follow so many data streams. Many web pages don’t get any traffic at […]
Blue light
I like this snapshot of blue light flooding the rest of the room:
Handheld shapshot taken along the river banks of the Rhein
Here is a handheld shapshot taken along the river banks of the Rhein during dusk yesterday evening: When I moved to Basel many years ago, some of my conversations went like this: Nchenga at I really like Basel. It’s got a lot of cultural events, museums, cinemas for a city of this size. It’s […]
The future of blogging is … plogging
I found this Wired article discussing Facebook’s recent Notes update for long-form content and Medium. Apparently, “plogging” stands for platform-based blogging. "it’s hard being a blogger today, because to succeed you need to be able to scale" — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 3, 2015 “Blogs and the longer forms of expression they accommodate won’t […]
I never promised you a rose garden …
Snapshot of a flowered rose.
Riehen – Brombach – Schopfheim – Haagen – Riehen bicycle tour
I cycled to Schopfheim. An easy tour about 20 km one way. Going I went via Brombach. Coming back I cycled on the other side of the Wiese river via Lörrach-Haagen. Riehen – Brombach – Steinen – Maulburg – Schopfheim – Haagen – Riehen There’s one stretch between Steinen and Höllstein where the bicycle route […]
Red lentil soup
Inspired by this recipe I made red lentil soup. Turned out very well. In addition to the curry and coriander, I added some ginger, chilis and some Nali sauce.
I like this Basel snapshot
“Buvettes” are a big thing in Basel in summer. Their popularity is increasing. Same as street food trucks. Photos taken with a Moto G 2nd Gen smartphone. The best camera is the one that is with you.
You are not the user
Via the #confluencecon hashtag, I found some good background articles (thank you @ruthburr, @danlovejoy for tweeting). You are NOT the user. #ConfluenceCon #UX #Marketing — Dan Lovejoy (@danlovejoy) September 10, 2015 Take the time to understand your user. It will decrease the risk of creating an an unfavorable experience and give you an opportunity […]
Recommend reading: Why No One Pays Attention to Your Marketing
Why No One Pays Attention to Your Marketing – Whiteboard Friday "if you don't test, you'll never know" — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) August 16, 2015
Recommended article: “The Guide To Strategic Writing”
I read this article on writing: The Guide To Strategic Writing. The main idea, as proposed in the article, is to research and find a proven idea. Then, write an article that improves on this idea. Make sure the problem is real and your readers can relate to it The article provides a good overview […]
WordPress-y clean-up
I just deleted over 20 WordPress themes that had accumulated in my wp-content folder. Feeling de-cluttered. I’ve kept Syntax and Underline. I’ve also been unlinking tonnes of broken links. Next, I need to figure out why comments are not getting thru. BTW, there’s a WordPress conf in Zurigo on 19 September. I’ve been using WordPress […]
Recommended article: “The Web We Have to Save”
Via T3N, I found this article on the changing web. Not sure if we can stop this development, but at least we can raise awareness, and point hyperlinks back to content that we like and cherish.
Helmet hair
One of my favourite jokes is to walk into the office and complain about helmet hair. I keep saying that I’ll write a confessional book how bicycle helmets ruined my hairdo and life. I found some stats that show helmet hair is an issue for some bicycle commuters: Body image issues and appearance accounted for […]
Email Growth Hacks
I read this Forbes article on email subscription growth: 5 Email Growth Hacks From Someone Who Amassed A List of 750,000 Optimize your top pages Rock the bonus content Create email-based courses and recycle content If you don’t ask, you won’t get Have one core goal, and reverse engineer it. "I’m a do-er. I do […]
Two sites that I read regularly – Moz and Hubspot – analyzed and wrote about their own blog post frequency. Quality vs. Quantity: A 6-Month Analysis of the Age-Old Blogging Debate Raising the Bar: A Publishing Volume Experiment on the Moz Blog I am stunned. Flabbergasted. How will small and medium-sized enterprises thrive in such […]
Sursee – Schenkon – Sempach – Nottwil – Sursee bicycle tour
Some snapshots from my Lake Sempach bicycle tour on Sunday: The tour is about 20 kilometers. If you have an all-terrain bicycle, try to follow the path closest to the lake. That’s more enjoyable than the busy road. I managed to miss the turn-off to Sursee SBB train station. And so I saw Schenkon twice. […]
What will an SEO audit be like in 10 years?
A couple of months ago, I went thru an SEO audit. I wanted to write a blog post to reflect on what I learned. This is my feeble attempt to collect my thoughts and jot down some notes. Where available, I’ve tried to list my source links. What is an SEO audit? In an audit, […]
Notes and photos from #UXcampch
Some notes and photos from Saturday’s UX camp in Zürich: Adrian Sameli took us thru the process of building infographics. His tip on tools to use: Excel and Adobe Illustrator. He tried one or two infographic tools but didn’t like them much. In the discussion we looked at Next, I attended a session on […]