Month: January 2014

Responsive web design and low and expensive bandwidth

Some time ago, the Malawi daily newspaper, The Nation, released a new web design. More recently Nyasa Times updated their web design. In both cases, it’s an improvement. And from my current home base here in Switzerland, both sites load promptly. From family in Malawi I hear that the loading times for both sites have …

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Whistling postman

Yesterday, on my first bicycle commute to work in 2014, I heard a postman whistling Wind of Change very loudly, while distributing the mail from house to house. Made my day. So funny.


Found via Ben Werdmuller’s retweet: I can’t imagine a more disruptive act than choosing to publish on your own website. Source: Adactio: Journal””In dependence.

This made me smile

Twitter / Kansiime256: Oh Uganda, may God apooti. We lay awa fyucha in thy hands. United free together olwez sa. — Kansiime Anne (@Kansiime256) December 29, 2013 c.f. Wikipedia