My wish list

Inspired by various gift lists that are showing up in my timeline, I thought I need to write my own wish list.

On my wish list:

New takkies.
new takkies
I’ve started running again on a regular basis. And I noticed I need to replace my Asics with a fresh pair. Bought my current pair in 2010.

“Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur schlechte Kleidung”
I need to buy some clothes for winter.

I’m very happy with my current line-up of gadgets. Favourite gadgets in use in 2013 are a good old 13″ MacBook, an iPad and a Lumix camera.

Android smartphone.
I don’t need a smartphone. But looking at current reviews, I’d probably get a Nexus 4 or an LG G2. I’d like to learn more about Android. My multi-operating system strategy is a good excuse, don’t you think?

Apple TV.
I remember a meeting with an online marketer who strongly recommended getting an Apple TV, when it first came out. Maybe he’s right. Or maybe Google Chromecast is a cheaper alternative?

But these are all material wishes. Not essential.

Happiness, health, peace, love, joy, wisdom, kindness, goodness, knowledge are worth much more. And much more difficult to gain.


One wish of mine is to improve my writing skills. There is more fun in creating.

riding a bicycle

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