Tracking conversion in single page web apps

Last week I asked for help on using Google Analytics to track conversion in single page web apps:

Tweet, tweet:

The challenge is to track user behaviour in a Javascript frontend that doesn’t have “pages”. My question: What’s better? Should I use events or model the wizard steps as page views?

Here’s what I found in a brief Google search:


Via this Search Engine Land article:

Are Virtual Pageviews Right For You?

  • Supports goal configuration ”“ cannot configure a goal with an event ( refuted by )
  • Doesn’t artificially inflate bounce rate


  • Artificially inflates pageviews for the site
  • Limited information available ”“ events are much more robust or correlating conversions and user behavior



The cross-reference above, points to this article on benefits of using events:

Top 4 Benefits of Using Events in Goals

  1. Track visitors who don’t convert with traditional transactional or lead generation goals
  2. More easily track Influencers/Advocates on your site
  3. Measure “interactions” that can lead to better understanding of site engagement
  4. My absolute favorite”¦Measure “interactions” in the early stages of the buying cycle that demonstrate the quality of the visits that increase the top of the funnel and ultimately lead to increased revenue producing goals.


This background article is useful, especially the section on Virtual Page Views.


And another reference:

“I’m a big fan of virtual pageviews for form tracking simply because GA still doesn’t allow the use of events in a multi-step funnel.”


This means I’ll use virtual page views to track sequential, wizard steps so that I can track the funnel. And events to track individual goals.

Tips? Usage examples?
Any further hints and experience are appreciated.

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