Changing into a tweet machine

I am quite excited about POSSE. I’ve added a plug-in called Hum to shorten URLs. And I activated the corresponding WordPress app for Twitter via Publicize. And that’s it. Voilà. My own personal tweet machine is up.

Advantages compared to publishing an RSS feed on Twitter? I guess it has a very similar end-effect to distributing a RSS feed via IFTTT or Twitterfeed. The URLS are shorter and I can define a shorter domain name if I want.

Next thing to explore is the Webmention plugin.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this idea to build a local SEO network for private use. Now I have a good idea how I’ll build it and still keep my sanity. Back to the future. I could set up a local-hosted WordPress site and then blast away. Reaching out to Linkedin, Twitter, G+ and Facebook. In a way, it’s very similar to good old RSS.

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