Malawi on Twitter – Version June 2013

Twitter lists are its most powerful and least-used feature.

While I am fully aware, that Twitter lists have lost significance in the past years, I still maintain a list on Malawi.


Since the early days of Twitter, Malawian content has increased many fold.

Social media content about Malawi during general election time, or about President Mutharika’s death, proved to be fairly accurate.

Obviously, a tweet on its own is just raw material. It needs further analysing and fact-checking.

Why Twitter? There is still lots of misunderstanding and one-sided reporting regarding African countries. Largely due to ignorance and the way mainstream media continue to report about the African continent.

Best way to change this perception? Well, one way is to tweet and share your views and opinions. Some ideas:

  • Share your technical innovations and solutions.
  • Tweet about your business idea and find partners for business and trade opportunities.
  • Build networks and become a trusted citizen journalist.
  • Show the positive and beautiful aspects of the country.
  • Write about societal and linguistic changes.
  • Write about mobile technology and its daily usage and fast adoption in Malawi.
  • Provide a realistic view of the challenges a small country like Malawi faces in a globalized world.

Tweet streams included in the list encompass:

  • Malawians living in Malawi 😉
  • Expats living in Malawi
  • Malawians living abroad
  • Organizations based in Malawi (e.g. business companies, media companies, governmental channels, charities and NGOs)
  • Organization outside of Malawi, but in some way connected to Malawi (usually charities or NGOs)
  • Journalists or academics writing about Malawi

In my humble opinion, is a great way to visualize articles. E.g. Malawi Tribune by Mabvuto Banda

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