It’s ok to hate Twitter

Interesting article:

it may also reflect a changing attitude about social media: Our participation is still our choice, so maybe it’s time to talk about our problems with it, to think about ways to make our social lives better online.

Just bellyaching because they can? Or is it a trend?

From the archives:
Will the masses ever use Twitter?

One response to “It’s ok to hate Twitter”

  1. Isn’t hate a feeling too strong for something like twitter? And
    then – nobody says you need to follow 1000 people or each
    conversations. Actually nobody tells you to use it at all… I use
    it mainly as another source to look for articles pointed out from
    people I chose because I am interested in what they might be
    pointing out. And I am aware that the selection is totally random,
    because I am not following all the time…

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