Barcamp Bodensee 2012

I attended Barcamp Bodensee in Friedrichshafen yesterday. Very enjoyable.

Big thank you to the organizers. It was worth getting up early.

It started with breakfast and an emotional greeting by Oliver Gassner: “The internet is made of people.”

And it was truly impressive to see so many people attending and participating.

The location at Zeppelin University on the shore of Lake Constance was perfect.

A few highlights:

A talk on sleep by Jan Krämer
“sleep is good for creativity”

Facebook community management
Romy showed us how she manages comments, spam on a large Facebook fan page. Her advice: never delete a comment or block the user. Rather mark the comment as spam and then explain why. She recommended having a page on policies and handling of comments in a “Netiquette” page. She showed the new content management features that went live recently for fan pages: you can now schedule posts and assign different admin roles. And her take: all the brands are spending $$$ to gain Facebook followers; very few followers are organic.

I learnt a lot just by listening.

And if I ever start a company, I would go to each and every barcamp in Europe and present my idea. Startup presenters get so much free and useful consulting and marketing ideas from attendees.

Thank you.


BTW, the DB train along the German side of the Rhine river is very noisy and made me feel queasy and travel-sick. Buy some new trains and renew the tracks. Or maybe SBB should take over this route?

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