1 May 2012

Blogging advice in 2012 err… 2011:

“Don’t look at it as a Blog ”“ It’s content distribution.”

Heh, I thought blogging’s dead?!

It’s the first of May – a public holiday in my part of Switzerland. I am listening to BBC radio and reading news distributed via Facebook and Twitter.

Random useless fact of the day:
I woke up at 5:40. For the second day in a row.

I have been posting snapshots on Flickr:

meticulous: a gardening shed

warnung vor dem hunde

And may I say that my set of really boring flower snapshots is… well… really, truly boring.

I received an offline comment on this phrase on my Flickr profile:

Unhindered by talent or technical skills, I hope I can at least convey the fun I’m having.

Questions and random observations:

By the way, where can i find the best samosas in Basel? And I still haven’t solved the issue of best dim sum in Basel.

Which Klippan cover should i get for my Klippan couch?

Via this tweet, celebrate the end of winter with this Italian children’s song

Fruit fool:
I was just reminded of my first cooking class at Saint Andrew’s: we made fruit fool – with custard and seasonal fruit.

Twitter has changed my reading habits. If a webpage is full of text… So I’d better stop soon.

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  1. Thanks for the link and I highly enjoy your blog!

    Samosa or dim sum in Basel, are you joking? No wait, you find them (I am not looking for stars), will you let me know or we could meet to share some together?

  2. Don’t tell me you need a new Klippan cover because of our last visit?
    And BTW I still like reading your posts and looking at your flower shots 🙂

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