SEO in the year 2011

I want to write a blog post on SEO. My primary motivation is to learn what the changes are and I learn best by writing my own notes.

Here we go. Some notes on SEO off the top of my head and unsorted:


Following the Panda release and other algrithmic changes by Google, the net is full of speculation – even to the extent that email newsletters may influence results – a fact that was refuted by Matt Cutts. (Shame on me – I retweeted the link before reading the comments. Note to myself: Read before you retweet. But somehow I fell for the arguments cos it sounds realistic.)

Google offers the following advice on developing high-quality content.


  • What about product pages which need to be short and snappy for today’s busy business managers? Quite a challenge to make these original! Cos often folks are looking for reassurance rather than novel content.
  • Is a company blog a requirement? Long original articles pointing to short product pages?

After reading the comments I compared search results between Bing and Google. I guess it depends on the search terms but i don’t see Bing results being better than Google just yet.

SEO tools

I’ve got a list of Drupal SEO tools via Volacci and Netnode which I’ll post sometime soon.

And … Here on my WordPress blog I use Yoast’s SEO tool.

But to be honest I enjoy blogging and hiding in full public view. is my knowledge base and my memory lane and my notepad and my diary.

Social SEO

Besides SEO, social media references are gaining importance. And definitely influence my click.

Fullscreen capture 622011 100550 AM.bmp

If somebody in my Twitter network recommends a link, it gets my attention. If over 400 people “like” Handmade 2.0’s article on Facebook, I am going to pay more attention.

Referring links

Backlinks from high ranking websites remain important.

I stumbled across this SeoMOZ presentation discussing the full bandwidth of inbound marketing:

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