Bike tour to Bad Säckingen and back

I cycled over 60 km to Bad Säckingen via an unwanted detour to Liestal, and then on to Rheinfelden, Möhlin, Wallbach, Stein. I cycled back on the German side via Schwörstadt, Grenzach-Wyhlen.

No mountains. A few hills.

I only took a few photos. Coming soon.


nchenga 4 June, 2012 Reply

Yes, it’s about 40 km depending on the route you take

nchenga 20 June, 2011 Reply

es war eher ungeplant – ich hab die Abzweigung in Richtung Kaiseraugst verpasst

Rosie McCarthy 27 May, 2012

I’m hoping that if we follow the Rhein from Bad Sackingen, it’s only 40km to Basel?
Stimmt dass? Ich hab’s gelesen auf einen Radtourfirma site.
Would love to hear from you, as it’s critical that I have the distances correct or various accommodation bookings will be missed!
Melbourne, AUS

Susanne 20 June, 2011 Reply

Coole Tour! Aber: du warst in Liestal und bist nicht bei uns vorbeigekommen …. 🙁

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