Spring is here

Beautiful sunny Sunday.

Today’s activities:
I went to church, the fitness center, and sat in the park and drank a latte macchiato in the beautiful spring sun.

And I took some snapshots.


20th March was my grandmother’s birthday. I always wanted to write her story: the little that I know from my mother and what my imagination has filled in. Maybe one day I will.

I really like the current series of preachings at Crossroads church. We are studying Deuteronomy. If you are curious, there is a audio podcast on the church website. I can recommend last week’s and today’s.

Attached to the news and Twitter:
I guess you are doing the same as I am: checking the status at Fukushima nuclear power plant. And the news from Libya. Egypt. Tunisia. Bahrain. I am reminded of Billy Joel’s song “We didn’t start the fire”.

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