Beautiful weather. Saturday morning. The most natural thing to do is to keep the window open, listen to the birds singing, and quietly sip some coffee while catching up with Twitter and Flickr and co.

You would think. But not in suburbia.

What is it with suburbia, that whenever there is beautiful weather, my neighbors bring out their noisy lawn mowers?

I live in a quiet, residential area, but this infatuation with noisy lawn mowers is striking. Yesterday. Today at 8:30. Probably lawnmower fanboys trying out their new toys… new lawnmower apps to try out.

Update 23 Sept:

Yesterday I was at home working on my MBA papers. Beautiful day. Sunny. Suburbia responded by bringing out the lawn mower.

Update 8 October 2010:

It’s sunny and warm. And the lawn mowers are mowing. Again.

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