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Besides iPod Touch apps, another apps marketplace that has really grown is the one for Firefox. There’s an add-on for everything, it seems.

Here’s a break-down of Firefox add-ons that I am using:

This a Firefox add-on I can’t do without. Very stable. Useful. Mark a text on a webpage and hit the TAG button to add a Delicious bookmark.

Save a Bookmark 3292010 83450 PM

A Firefox Downloads utility especially for low bandwidth. I’ve used it to download videos, many Word and pdf files. Useful.

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I installed this recently cos I don’t like Twitter’s and Brizzly’s AJAX-laden, slow, error-prone web interfaces. I like the iPhone version of Echofon. I really haven’t used the Firefox add-on enough to form an opinion. It looks promising. An intermediate step while I look for an AJAX-less, text-only web interface for Twitter.

I really like the page loading function that enables endless pages. Very cool. Works for Google, WordPress blogs, Friendfeed and many other apps with pagers. I don’t use the other functions as much.

Essential for every web developer and internet project manager. It’s either this or Web Developer. If you don’t have hands on experience with either of these, I will sincerely doubt that you have adequate web development experience. Very useful and highly recommended.

I don’t use this add-on much. I prefer Filezilla any day. But for completion’s sake, I’ve left it in the list. I haven’t uninstalled it yet. But Filezilla in combination with Notepad++ are hard to beat.


Take screenshots within Firefox. I am comparing this tool with Screengrab.

Google Analytics Watcher
Links to my Google Analytics and shows the current no. of visits in the Firefox status bar.

A Firefox Downloads utility especially for low bandwidth. I’ve used it to download videos, many Word and pdf files. Useful.

Integrated Gmail
I am testing this. You can switch to Google Reader from Google Mail within the content area.

Adblock Plus / NoScript
This is supposed to help block advertising and malicious scripts, but I haven’t really figured out the best way to use this add-on. Tips?

Like FireShot, this add-on takes screenshots. Sometimes it doesn’t work and you need to re-start Firefox. Not good. But it takes screenshots of the full page not just the visible area.

I like this add-on. It lists and links to free online TV streaming from around the world.

This add-on provides a measure of website speed.

The Browser Highlighter
Skype when it still belonged to eBay, automatically installed The Browser Highlighter. There is no easy way to uninstall it either. I can only disable it. #Fail

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