For me 2010 has been special. While I was a kid, I wondered and dreamed about 2010 and where I would be. My life is very different from what I dreamed it would be. But it is good. I achieved one of my long-standing goals. I am venturing out to embrace new challenges. Hello 2011.
Best photo of 2010?
How do I find my best photo of 2010 on Flickr? Not easy. I need an app for that. I (still) don’t edit my photos according to composition or technical aspects. I have been uploading snapshots at regular intervals. Despite a busy schedule. Still following my motto: Document your life. Some spontaneous selections: Feb 27, […]
Everybody is a foreigner
I don’t know very much about Swiss politics. But I am reacting to the SVP posters. Everybody is a foreigner, almost everywhere. I didn’t select the family, city, country or continent I was born into.
Nom de web: Nchenga
Today I talked to @sufranke about an event I am planning at the day job. Before long I was explaining how I was fascinated by the power of blogs and Twitter and the possibility they offer to bypass the gatekeepers who decide which media content you are supposed to consume. In my case, blogs and […]
A Sunday evening in mid-November
Instead of watching Tatort, I went for a short jog combined with lots of walking. I am still not back in my jogging routine. Yet. But I am enjoying being outside. It was so beautifully warm today. And. It is a good way to reflect. Time for mind blogging. I like being outdoors. I really […]
Trying out Open Atrium
I started playing around with Open Atrium, a Drupal-based tool for open and closed groups. The install was smooth and easy. Setting up a closed group is easy as well. I would like to remove the introductory video on the dashboard but couldn’t find out where. Documentation: https://community.openatrium.com/documentation-en/
I like this quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt but sounds like it could have originated in my childhood somewhere.
Flickr keyboard shortcuts
I spend a lot of time on Flickr but only now I am discovering the power of the Flickr keyboard shortcuts: keyboard shortcuts: ← previous photo → next photo L view in light box F favorite < scroll film strip left > scroll film strip right The main commands are listed below the comment area […]
Chiperoni via RSS reader and email
I was surprised to see that I have over 60 subscribers on Feedburner. Maybe RSS feeds are not yet dead after all. Feedburner stats: The Chiperoni feed is here. If you would like to receive Chiperoni website updates via email, subscribe here: Enter your email address: Related quote via Dave Winer, the inventor of RSS […]
Where are you from?
Many years ago in Hannover, I was standing next to my Persian friend and overheard the following conversation: Where are you from? Persian friend responds: Hannover No, I mean where are you from originally? The nerve. My friend insisted that she was from Hannover. But the other person effectively conveyed the message: you are not […]
Life lessons
Today I stumbled across this Flickr snapshot, while searching for something else: I need a haircut.
Jog log
Dear Web log, I am trying to get back to a more regular jogging schedule. Started on Oct 6th. Attempt no. 2 coming up in about 2.5 mins. Yours truly, nchenga #PostMBAactivities #werangibthatmehrvomleben
Backlink for Bike Beijing
I took part in a very enjoyable bicycle tour of Beijing. The tour was organised by Bike Beijing. I did the Night Beijing Bike Tour. Recommended.
Get a blog!
Via this tweet, I stumbled across this article: “A new study from Forrester Research has found a decline in the number of content creators across social networking sites, even while general use and participation on these sites has risen.” High time to start blogging and creating content. I personally feel that we are moving back […]
Beautiful weather. Saturday morning. The most natural thing to do is to keep the window open, listen to the birds singing, and quietly sip some coffee while catching up with Twitter and Flickr and co. You would think. But not in suburbia. What is it with suburbia, that whenever there is beautiful weather, my neighbors […]
Auto upgrade from WP 3.0 to 3.0.1
For some reason I couldn’t auto upgrade from WordPress 3.0 to 3.0.1. I kept getting an error message. I decided to deactivate all plugins before starting the auto upgrade. È voilà. The install went thru. I still had the auto upgrade plugin installed from 2.7 installed. Maybe that was the problem? Or another plugin clashes […]
I stumbled across this Swisscom poster showcasing Leo’s mobile app to sell a smart phone: I started using Leo’s English – German dictionary regularly long time ago – in the late 90s. I think it must have been about 1997 or 1998 at my first full-time job after uni. The vocabulary wasn’t as extensive as […]
Powerpoint resources
Everybody uses Powerpoint. Yet it is tricky to use. I am currently testing and reviewing a PPT 2003 template file. In this blog entry I am collecting useful resources for reference purposes. Some links that @handmade2_0 suggested: Fixing Powerpoint Annoyances 25 Powerpoint Tips Merci vielmol! While searching about recommended font sizes, I found this page […]
Fun Photo Project
Face your pockets! via Photo-JoJo
Installed WordPress 3.0
Message from the Chiperoni admin: I just installed WordPress 3.0. Everything seems to be running smoothly. And I found a new minimal theme to try out: Carrington Text. Me and WP go back a long way.
Tour de Benelux
I am back from my 5th MBA residency. This time I traveled to Utrecht, De Ruwenberg, Tilburg, and Bruxelles. Tour de Benelux without Lux. It was great to meet with the class. And I really liked the lecturers this time. The first week in Utrecht and De Ruwenberg and Tilburg was very busy with lots […]
Online dictionary for Chichewa
I am really excited about this online Chichewa/Chinyanja dictionary, which I just heard about on Twitter (hat tip @kristungati). Try entering Mchenga. Select Chichewa/Chinyanja to English Click Translate mchenga 1.sand; maziko ena onse npamchenga = all other foundations are on sand (see: hymn 362, Nyimbo za Mulungu); expression: walemba pamchenga (lit.: you have written in […]
This time in Nairobi, Kenya on August, 6th and 7th, 2010. Follow the tweet stream at @makerfairafrica
More visits, more hits, more SEO tips
Food for thought: (…) we should not be sacrificing our own personal ideals and our own internal moral compasses in a never-ending battle for position, for status, for scoops, or for access. While 2010 is the year where many will find ways to monetize their online blogs, photos and apps (which is ok), don’t forget […]