UTF-8, Charsets and WordPress

It seems charset and UTF-8 issues are following me around.

At the day job and here.

I moved my blog from one install to the other. After importing the MySQL db, several characters were no longer displaying correctly.

There are a number of plug-ins and descriptions:

I tried a combination of UTF-8 Sanitize and Search and Replace for broken Umlauts and accents.

UTF8 Sanitize ”¹ chiperoni.ch ”” WordPress

Any suggestions or further recommendations? Any other strange characters to fix?

By nchenga

Nchenga-nchenga is my nickname. Chiperoni.ch is my online playground, scrap book, and on-going collection of bookmarks and interesting quotes. Chiperoni is a Malawian term for cold, grey, rainy weather. I am a bridge blogger somewhere between Basel and Blantyre. The opinions and comments expressed here are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway. So far, this blog is free of advertising or paid articles or similar.

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