Connecting to the Internet from Blantyre
Just got back from visiting family in beautiful Blantyre. It’s rainy season now and there are regular rain showers every other day. Everything is green and lush. The sun is hot. The air is moist. And the shopping centres and outdoor markets of Blantyre are busy with holiday shopping. And except for a couple of […]
Auto-upgrading WordPress and the .htaccess file
A pattern I have observed in the past months: A couple of days after auto-upgrading WordPress, access to the WordPress blog is blocked. My non-programmer’s workaround is: Rename the .htaccess file on the WP level. The WordPress blog displays. Login and go to Settings > Permalinks and re-save settings, or copy old .htaccess file content […]
The web is evolving
Kevin Marks on Publics, Flow, Phatic, Tummeling and Out-groups – New Words You Need to Know to Understand the Web:
Snapshot from Budapest
A quick snapshot that I took on my daily trek to class:
WordPress Woes
I am having some problems with the .htaccess file on the WordPress level. I tried regenerating the permalinks. Hope that will help for a while. A couple of days ago there was a lonely s at the end of the file. Amakhala scared. And: I am seeing a lot of “MySQL server has gone away” […]
Analog Tweet
I found this text on the back of a signpost in downtown Basel: An example of an analog tweet…
How to Backup your Twitter World
As many of you probably learnt by experience, Twitter Search only shows results for the last couple of days. I guess, one of the preliminary assumptions is that you consider your collection of 140-character-long phrases valuable. And would like to search thru them from time to time. Friendfeed One easy workaround is to add your […]
Chiperoni goes Mobile (kind of)
As part of my ongoing research regarding internet access via low bandwidth connections, I saw App+frica displaying a mobile version at I installed the same MobilePress plugin and activated it a few minutes ago. Based on the plugin description, it should detect if you’re accessing the website with a mobile device and display a […]
Today’s link
Stumbled across this – very high-level but might be a useful reminder. Esp. the remark “life is short” in bullet no. 5. 1. Don’t worry about being perfect. There are never right or wrong answers to complex business decisions. The best that you can do as a leader is to gather all of the information […]
Impatient new-media pundits
Quote of the day: One of the things slowing tech uptake by the rest of society is that you new-media pundits get so impatient you have moved on to the next thing before we’ve had a chance to digest your last idea. via Scoble’s “Why I don’t use Google Reader anymore”
Intro to SEO and SEM
I am faced with the challenge to explain SEO and SEM in a 1 hour presentation. The audience consists of business folks. Where to start explaining is the hard part. Also there are so many myths in this area – garnered by SEO vendors selling their services as a “Wunderwaffe” for instant web traffic success. […]
UTF-8, Charsets and WordPress
It seems charset and UTF-8 issues are following me around. At the day job and here. I moved my blog from one install to the other. After importing the MySQL db, several characters were no longer displaying correctly. There are a number of plug-ins and descriptions: How to Convert Character Set and Collation of WordPress […]
Moving WordPress from Server to Server
I found this video explaining how to import large MySQL using Big Dump And Yoast explains how to change the domain names here.
Return of the Blog
Gigaom recently published an article that highlights an important point. A point that has been resonating through my head since Lift 07: In this incredible sea of data that surround us, what happens to my data when a service like Twitter or Flickr or FriendFeed is sold to another company. Gigaom writes: The cynical me […]
Marc, Macke, and Delaunay
I liked this show at Sprengel Museum.
Study weekend + Long walk
I spent most of my weekend working and discussing my MBA homework. Learning about: the exchange equation money supply the monetarists’ first and second proposition the cause of inflation incremental cash costs motivating employees – “interesting work” seems to be a universal motivator This afternoon I went for a long walk up to St. Chrischona […]
Blogging is Dead. Long Live Blogging.
This morning I read a phrase which captures why I blog: “…now my attitude is that if I’m not blogging for myself it’s not worth it” (seen at Between you and me, I don’t care if blogging is dying. Let the social media experts decide. What I do care about is writing. I like […]
Cloud spotting: the pointing finger
I took snapshots of clouds (and pool water) at the local swimming pool (in Swiss German: that’s a Badi…). This looks like a hand raised at school to answer a question, or maybe somebody is pointing out something: “Can you see the silver lining? Every cloud has one”