From Riehen to Grenzach Wyhlen

Here are the snapshots of the second architecture tour that I took part in:

We cycled from Tinguely Museum in Basel and stopped at various points in Riehen and Grenzach Wyhlen.

Heard about Hans Bernoulli and his Garden City idea to provide improved housing for the working class as well as a patch of ground to grow vegetables and fruit. The wooden houses he built in the Landauer Quartier are apparently still in a good condition. The lease for the Landauer area will expire in 2012 or 2013. And already there are prototypes what this area could look like (mostly high rise buildings and blocks).

We saw how a small Riehen house from the 1930s was renovated to accommodate for an aging family member in need of medical care and special attention.

Next, we cycled up the hill and stopped at a couple of Riehen villas before rolling across the border to Germany.

One building that really stood out was a brand-new gallery/studio building in Wyhlen by Gerner Gerner Plus, an Austrian architectural office.

The last building of the day was a private house designed by Askari Architekten from Lörrach.

It was interesting to listen to the owners and architects. It seems that if you really want to build and invest, you also need to become a lobbyist and persuade local authorities and politicians.

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