The RSS Footer

One of my regular Google alerts currently points to a blog that is scraping entire sections of my content and displaying these on a Blogspot site.

I have reported the Blogspot site via this website:

Blogger Help

And I’m well aware of the fact that anything I publish on the world wide web is up for grabs. It’s a well-known fact. The minute you offer an RSS feeds, scrapers can easily pull your content and display it anywhere they like.

And you depend on the big search engine company to sort out the original from the copycats.

That’s why I like this tagline: “Make the scrapers work for you!”.

If you’re using WordPress, download the plugin and upload it to your plugin folder. Activate it in the Plugins view and then open Settings > RSS Footer to add a text and backlink: › RSS Footer Configuration — WordPress

Click Update Settings.

Finally, ping Feedburner (if you’re using it) and you should see the changes show up in your feed.

If you’re using Blogger (and you understand German), see Mlle. A.’s excellent tutorial.

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