While I agree with the facts of the documentary, I have problems with several issues: First the way of portraying Malawians in the film. I wonder if they could have shown some European or American dressed/undressed and sick even dying that way in a film as they did with Malawians. Wouldn’t that amounted to abuse of human rights?

Secondly, I have reservations on the choice of the people and soundbites and shots involved. They appear heavily edited and selected.

Thirdly, the whole issue is really complex and it is good they mentioned that a bit but I guess more multisectoral approach needed to address the whole problem.

Finally there is quite some bias in the west against Africa. Even when there are good and positive things, they don’t highlight them at all. I wonder if CNN would have screened that if as a Malawian I produced it!

I hope there are no hidden agenda behind these docs.