Adding my feed to my Google Reader

I guess I’m trying to be too clever:

The Scenario

I added my feed to my Google Reader account. Then selected a feed item and clicked Share.
Within Google Reader this works ok. I can click on the link and the corresponding URL opens.

So far so good. No problems.

But if I display the Google Reader RSS feed on an external website such as my blog, the feed adds my URL to the article’s URL. Which in turn leads to a bad address.

404 - Page Not Found

Probably an unintended use…

(update) This is due to the Atom feed. The workaround is to use Feedburner.

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  1. Planned to blog the solution to that, but had no time yet. Burn your feed with and convert it to RSS (some settings there). Then use your Feedburner-Url for your widget. The WordPress RSS-Widget can’t display Atom-Feeds properly.

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