Kind of like Slickr

When I read Scoble’s post on FlickrFan, I felt it sounded a lot like Slickr, a screensaver tool to view Flickr photos, that I’ve been using for a while.

And today while installing the Flickr plugin for Quicksilver I saw this post:
View Your Flickr Pics as Your Screensaver with FlickrFan
with this small addition at the end:

Windows users looking for something similar should check out previously mentioned Slickr.

According to one of the comments I read at Lifehacker you can set up Google Photos Screensaver to do something similar.

It seems FlickrFan is based on RSS feeds and offers some kind of Twitter integration.

Further links:
Slickr download
Google Photos Screensaver

If you’re a widely-read blogger with a Mac-only view of the world, this is a revolution… 😉

slickr on my laptop

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