I got out of bed this morning

I finished reading David Meerman Scott’s book on: “The new rules of Marketing and PR”.

Here’s a quote which is probably already the most quoted excerpt out of the book:

Big news is great, but don’t wait.

  • Have a new take on an old problem? Write a release.
  • Serving a unique marketplace? Write a release.
  • Have interesting information to share? Write a release.
  • CEO speaking at a conference? Write a release.
  • Win an award? Write a release.
  • Add a product feature? Write a release.
  • Win a new customer? Write a release.
  • Publish a white paper? Write a release.
  • Get out of bed this morning? Okay, maybe not… but you are thinking the right way now!

His main point is that news releases should be written for a wider audience, not just journalists.

And I liked the chapter on avoiding typical industry PR speak (see the The Gobbledygook Manifesto).

I found the book helpful.

Most of all I felt reassured that somebody else has written down lots of the things I discovered on my own by following a hands-on, learning-by-doing, check-out-what-works approach regarding blogs and news releases.

But before I go into further detail, I’ll wait for Mlle. A. and her literary criticism.

Here’s my previous post on this book:

Content drives action

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