Error 403

A WordPress plugin called Bad Behavior blocked me out of my own blog this morning.

Error 403

We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for /wordpress/wp-admin/index-extra.php?jax=incominglinks on this server.

Your Internet Protocol address is listed on a blacklist of addresses involved in malicious or illegal activity. See the listing below for more details on specific blacklists and removal procedures.

Your technical support key is: xxx

You can use this key to fix this problem yourself.

If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact xxx at and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above.

The solution is to to install the latest version of the plugin.

Within the past two days users have found themselves blocked from their own sites while using recent versions of Bad Behavior. A third party blacklist which Bad Behavior queries recently began sending false positives for any IP address queried, causing everyone using Bad Behavior to be blocked. This issue is fixed in Bad Behavior 2.0.11.

It took me a while to find this entry… Googling for the error message itself sent me into various different threads about .htaccess, read/write permissions and prototype.js.

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