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10 Minute Banana Bread

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Recipe for Banana Bread


The Cloud Appreciation Society

Just heard about the The Cloud Appreciation Society.

Here’s the corresponding Flickr group.


today’s fave

slightly slanted cos the world is round

africa tech

African Web 2.0 Sites

White African has listed some company logos here.


Things to do

with a Gorillapod:


Fasten your cam to moving objects…

Let me see, where did i put my dog?


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my friend Benno:


Conf Attendees 2.0

new word:
“VapoGurus” – People who seem to make a living solely by attending “2.0” conferences.

seen in Gapingvoid’s Twitter stream


Running Update

I’m kind of busy at my day job and I didn’t get around to post my regular weekend post. So here’s a short blog post to say hi.

And btw – about 20 years after everybody else – I’m discovering Twitter: Call it pseudo-blogging for busy knowledge workers. Or a quick way to communicate my jogging achievements.

So far Autumn 07 has been great for jogging. The dry, fresh weather is just right. I’ve been running regularly in a running club (the corresponding German word is Laufverein) since last summer and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I’m still a slow coach, and don’t have any marathon plans (gory details how toe nails come loose and fall off are enough to scare me off 😉 )

after running

A couple of running tips of the top of my head:

  1. Start slowly but be persistent. If you’re just starting out this means 1 minute running, 1 minute walking for about 1 hour. Extend the running period slowly from week to week. I’ve been part of several beginner groups in the past year and some people start off much too fast.
  2. The bad news for our instant gratification generation: you need to run at least twice a week for at least four to six weeks to see any improvement.
  3. Get some good running shoes. Don’t worry so much about the clothes. The functional shirts and running tights will somehow find their own way into your wardrobe. Plus running is a good place to wear all of those over-sized IT conference t-shirts.
  4. There is a phenomenon within our running club that I can’t quite understand yet. When it comes to forming running groups, there’s usually two groups: a fast one and a slow one. And about two to five people that don’t want to go along with the fast guys, don’t want to form their own middle-fast group, and end up running with the slow coaches (MY group). Inadvertently making the slow group faster. Too fast for the newbies. Instead of feeling discouraged by the middle-fast guys, keep going at your own pace. Be self-confident. Know your true performance level. Say what you want loud and clearly. For example, tell the middle-fast guys to form their own group or live with the slower pace.

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