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Dear regular readers of,

On Sunday I continued reading the “New PR” book and i’ve got 3 pages of wild notes waiting to be blogged… but I’m too tired for PR just now. Oh no, i hope it’s not blogging fatigue 😉

Search phrases that led people to my blog today:

  • i want to listen to capital fm malawi – Well, here’s the link to my blog entry on Capital FM’s daily internet show. I listened to today’s version about the increase in fuel prices. Apparently MW minibus fares are increasing by 20%.
  • 2007 pictures blantyre malawi africa – Best place to view lots of Malawi pics is the Malawi Flickr group.
  • hiking basel mountain – Sorry, no mountains in Basel. Unless you’re from northern Germany, then Chrischona might qualify. But the Jura and the Alps are close enough and extremely beautiful. Here are all of my posts labeled hiking.

Other half-geek news:

I’ve been reading about the new Canon 40D.

And if I ever run out of things to do, there’s a new version of WordPress to install and explore…

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