Month: September 2007

Weekend ahead

Autumn-like weather and a bad cold, but it’s still a Friday! And just for the record, I don’t mind fast forwarding to spring. More search phrases – but not really a surprise to me given the quality of content here at 😉 : Dilbert project tracking – points to an old blog post on …

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Search phrases

Dear regular readers of, On Sunday I continued reading the “New PR” book and i’ve got 3 pages of wild notes waiting to be blogged… but I’m too tired for PR just now. Oh no, i hope it’s not blogging fatigue 😉 Search phrases that led people to my blog today: i want to …

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USA Stats

A lot less monolingual than you think it is: Percent of People 5 Years and Over Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home: 19.7% via USA erklaert

Too much

I don’t usually write about politics, but this poster campaign crosses a line. In my humble opinion it’s racist and backward. I don’t understand why so many Swiss people are ignoring it. Some say it’s just the usual pre-election noise. As suggested here, I’m going to send back all of the brochures clogging up my …

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Adding a contact form

I’m trying out cforms II for a work blog. See Contact WordPress plugins are getting more and more elaborate… took me a while to get this form to display cos of the various options. Lorelle has an overview of contact form plug-ins.


Scrolling Ad Infinitum: I discovered a new Flickr tool called Flickriver… It loads all images into one long html page, i.e. you simply scroll down to view all pictures for a tag or group: My contacts My faves Malawi group Canon ImageBrowser to FlickrUploadr: BTW, I’ve found a shortcut how to add photos from Canon …

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