Mon Mac à  moi

My new MacBook arrived last Monday. And I’ve started installing software and exploring. Slowly. A new laptop is like getting a new exercise book at school. An empty book equals an empty hard disk. And a new operating system is a new learning experience.

Software installed so far:

  • Firefox and Thunderbird
  • The latest version of Safari
  • Quicksilver – looks like a really powerful tool. There’s a whole series of articles at Lifehacker.
  • Cyberduck
  • Parallels and MS Office 2000 for Windows
  • Skype
  • Canon digicam software – ImageBrowser, EOS Utility, CameraWindow
  • Flickr Uploadr – I’m missing some kind of integration into a file viewer and the possibility to rotate imgs before uploading them. Any tips regarding a photo viewer with integrated Flickr upload functionality? Would be cool if I could use Flickr upload functions in an image browser. What are you using?

And here’s the list that I’ll still need to add:

  • Subversion and CVS tools
  • GraphicConverter (by Lemke Software)
  • MAMP or XAMP for Mac (see also this thread at
  • Tomcat
  • GIMP
  • TextWrangler
  • TextMate (maybe)
  • NeoOffice (maybe)

I found some useful articles at Tao of Mac, which I’d like to share:

BTW, I’m planning to set up an Ubuntu laptop soon… on a separate machine.

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