Login and password nightmare

Just a note to say that we need to find a better solution for this login and password nightmare called Web 2.0.

I can’t say how many times I’ve left a website without leaving a comment ‘cos I had to login to leave a comment…

And another Web 2.0 feature request: please offer some kind of Delete my account option.


Somewhat related:
One of the reasons I don’t like Facebook: Walls. And tonnes of dialog boxes asking me to confirm my choices. All the time.

(update) there’s a post about Facebook’s walled gardens.

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  1. I saw several blog posts around now where people documented the merging process via screenshots. Not encouraging at all. From looking, it feels a bit like “tuning the user in to the new Yahoo-family-feeling”…I don’t understand why that would be needed.

  2. yep. Flickr is part of it.

    I’ve lost 2 Flickr family members cos of their “merge to Yahoo account” thing, cos the process isn’t easy at all. We tried contacting Flickr help to ask for assistance.

    But heh no reaction to date.

  3. p.b. I just see via the flickr blipp in the sidebar that you’re further ahead with The New Rules than me. I’m stuck on reading another Scott…but I’ll get there. 😉 Scoble’s introduction chapter was already very entertaining.

    p.p.b. flickr – I can’t leave comments there, ‘cos I am not really a flickr member any longer…and Yahoo forces me to sign in (i.e., merge accounts) in order to leave a comment.

  4. …now let’s wait how long it takes until Facebook justifies with a locus amoenus analogy….

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