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I started reading “The new rules of Marketing and PR” yesterday, and I like it. I’m at Chapter 3, and so far it’s a good summary of things I’ve discovered. Reinforcing experiences which I’ve been calling Low Budget Internet Marketing.

A couple of notes:

  • Today’s search engine setup means you can reach buyers directly.
  • One-way interruption advertising is over.
  • Good content will help buyers decide. There’s people like you and me that do their own research and consider a decision over a period of time before buying.
  • There’s a “long tail” effect for news announcements as well.
  • The lines between PR and marketing are blurry.

Meerman’s right about the way consumers and buyers do their own research, ignoring the advertising to a large extent. And evaluating on their own. Take me as an example: I’m in the marketplace looking for an entry-level DSLR and I’m reading review sites, asking questions, watching the news and prices.

(Yes. My evaluation process is long. And I overdo it sometimes. But then I’ve been working in IT for the past 9-10 years. 6 months minimum.)

The Learning Effect of Blogging:
There’s one effect I’d like to highlight: by setting up my own blog, posting short tumble blog-like entries, and keeping track of a couple of marketing bloggers, the new rules aren’t that new to me. Blogging is a great way to learn. Instead of watching from the sidelines, my advice is to dive in.

I’ll try to post a summary as I go along… Mlle. A. is reading the same book. Between the two of us, we’ll get some two-way discussion going. Feel free to join us.

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  1. “Good content” – there is a corresponding ScanAlert research, which was mentioned at MarketingSherpa. Quality and well-structured content is more important than ever.

    As I said elsewhere, I agree with your summary about the learning effect of blogging.

    I hope to catch up with chapters tonight; Scoble’s introductory chapter was already a good read.

  2. Love the photo of the shoes and sunglasses with the BACK of my book. How totally cool. I’ve seen the cover often on blogs, but this is the first time for the back. Thanks! And thanks for readin.

    Cheers, David Meerman Scott

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