The most interesting pictures

The most interesting pictures by nchenga

Cos I don’t have a Pro account at Flickr, the above link only finds the most interesting based on my last 200 snapshots.

BTW, it seems there’s a viable alternative at Ipernity. At least it loads a lot faster than Zooomr, it offers a tidy layout, and the texts have a European feel:

Attention, do not load another page while the upload is processing, it would crash it.

Greater firms didn’t await us to launch services that are now mainstays of Web 2.0.

Bundled with a bilingual French / English company blog. Nice.


It feels a bit like Vox, which I’m testing over at You can upload photos, videos, and audio and setup a blog. Maybe Ipernity is a subsidiary of 6A?

European English

Yay for European english…!

(update) LOL. I just found this quote:

If Yahoo really want to annoy people, they could wait a month or three, then buy Ipernity – and immediately announce that they’re merging it with Flickr…

4 responses to “The most interesting pictures”

  1. mlle a. had a little blackout where she lost her sense for semantics … vox is 6A (of course), and ipernity is … ipernity. 🙂

  2. i wasn’t 100% sure… but the interface looks so much like Vox.

    There’s no info on investors that I could find within a 3 min superficial search.

  3. Maybe a subsidiary of 6A?

    You were joking, were you? I mean … you know it’s 6A, don’t you.

    (I’ve lost my sense of humour over the week-end; I can’t tell one from the other anymore. Hope it’s just something temporary…)

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