A couple of short SF notes off the top of my head:

  • There’s a new acronym to learn: FOG (Fear of Google). I stumbled across several articles and blog posts discussing Google’s huge market share and its supposed effects.
  • Walking down to the Moscone Center, I met a work-related blogging friend by coincidence. How cool is that. Given how big SF is.
  • In the Immigration queue at SFO, one woman got really mad at a couple standing behind her: “Stop pushing me”. Reminded me of the cultural differences discussions we had at the recent STC conf: some cultures need more private space than others. Otherwise, the numerous security checks were uneventful. I felt that Frankfurt was the most thorough.
  • Restaurants tend to be a lot noisier than in Europe. People talk very loudly.
  • There are so many homeless people around Union Square.
  • Cramped in my Lufthansa economy class seat, I wondered how many people can be seated in a Boeing 747. Between 366 to 467.

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