Month: March 2007

TED in Arusha

Speaking of conferences, this sounds like an interesting event: TED in Arusha, Tanzania, June 4-7, 2007 Anybody interested in sponsoring me in exchange for live blogging? Oh well, too late, registration is closed.

Price comparison

I pay 3.20 Swiss Francs for a kilo of tomato at the local supermarket. 3.20 Swiss Franc is currently about 384.56 Malawi Kwacha Compare this to current Malawi prices: Shoprite 199.99 MK Peoples 110.00 MK At the market, between 10 to 50 MK for one tomato depending on its size.


Here are a couple of snapshots of wall hangings I saw: Tribal Textiles, based in South Luangwa, Zambia is making some very nice and original cloth. There’s a shop in Blantyre that has some of their textiles: La Caverna in Mandala House. Mandala House is one of the oldest buildings in Blantyre, built by the …

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