Hi from LIFT 07 ( Day 1.5 )

enjoying my time at Lift 07 and wondering if I’m a candidate for technological overload.

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2 responses to “Hi from LIFT 07 ( Day 1.5 )”

  1. do you have any sources to list?

    Many people at Lift felt that the positive aspects outweigh the downsides by far… And can you get addicted to a tool?

  2. Topic: “Is too much technology good for you? What are the consequences of our increasingly over-connected lifestyle?”

    Fun fact – people worried the same as books became cheaper for print and triggered a knowledge explosion. There were even books on theories on how to cope with the knowledge/information overload, e.g. cutting the most important parts from a book and pasting them together into a blank book. Sort of a pre-pre-pre-RSS, eh. 🙂

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