What is a liquid?

What is a liquid?

“Liquids” under the new provisions include:

* Aerosols
* Chocolate spread
* Cream cheese
* Creams
* Deodorants
* Drinks of all kinds
* Foams of all kinds
* Gels
* Hair gel
* Liquid lipsticks (e.g. gloss)
* Liquid mascara
* Liquid/solid mixtures
* Lotions
* Oils
* Pastes
* Peanut butter
* Perfumes
* Roll-on deodorants
* Shaving foam
* Shower gel
* Soft cheeses (e.g. Camembert) and cheese spreads
* Soups
* Sprays
* Syrups
* Toothpaste
* Water
* Yoghurt
* or products of similar consistency

The following items will not be regarded as liquids:

* Chocolate-spread sandwiches
* Hard cheeses (e.g. Edam or Parmesan)
* Peanut-butter sandwiches
* Powders
* Solid lipsticks
* Talcum powder

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