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BBC re-visits Madalitso in Mangochi District:

The small town of Monkey Bay on the banks of Lake Malawi, like so many other small towns and villages throughout southern Africa, is being destroyed by HIV/AIDS. We return to Monkey bay where Joyce Lwanda jumps from class to class struggling to teach an entire primary school on her own. For the children taught by Joyce, head teacher at Kankhande primary School, HIV is both a threat to their lives, and for those lucky enough to avoid the worse affects of the disease it may just take away their best chance at Education. Joyce one of the few teachers that seems to bother to appear at school regularly is HIV positive.

On return to Monkey Bay we also reunite with one of last year’s brightest pupils at Kankhande, Madalitso Mola. Madalitso like so many children in the school is an orphan. One year on, we see how Madalitso’s life has changed, has he too started to show signs of the disease that most likely took his fathers life, is he another one of Africa’s hopefuls lost to HIV?

It discusses the WFP school feeding program and improvements at schools.

If you get a chance to see it, let me know your opinion. I’m sure it will be repeated at various intervals.

I’m viewing BBC World TV on my PC using Zattoo.
The audio lags just a little bit, but the overall quality is good. And it’s live streaming.

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