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i stumbled across this article describing how PR for tech. and software companies is changing.

The new rules of press releases:

  • Don’t just send press releases when “big news” is happening; find good reasons to send them all the time.
  • Instead of just targeting a handful of journalists, create press releases that appeal directly to your buyers.
  • Write releases replete with keyword-rich copy.
  • Create links in releases to deliver potential customers to landing pages on your website.
  • Optimize press release delivery for searching and browsing.
  • Drive people into the sales process with press releases.
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One response to “PR for tech and software”

  1. #1 is no novelty; it’s called ‘value-added public relations’ and has been preached since years.

    #2 is good; I’ve been wondering why companies/pr officers have not realized this earlier?

    #3 could be easily mistaken for bullshit-generator generated blurps
    But even a press release is easily oversaturated with keywords…so typically American. It blurrs the line between press release and sales newsletter. Sometimes, a press release is just that – a release for the press.

    #4 that’s a good one, because it looks less aggressive in a press release, but makes people click links (people like to click links).

    #5 if #4, then this should be a given…

    #6 if applicable. Otherwise, send a sales-oriented newsletter / presentation, and keep both media properly separated.


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