Weekend posting…

I’ve been lazing around watching sports on TV… instead of going jogging myself. It’s raining, but that’s no excuse for a northener, is it?

Here are a couple of links that crossed my paths this week:

Strategic commenting provides a good write-up how you can build a community around your blog thru thoughtful and interesting comments.

Mlle A. sent me this background article on Online Plagiarism. Beats me why people copy entire blogs word for word … List and quote from your sources, but don’t just copy and pretend its your own. It’s your personal mix of links and views that makes blogging special.

And then there’s the link to the temporary results of my study on Nutella alternatives. So far one other person has joined me. If you get to try a chocolate spread by another manufacturer, please tag your Flickr pics/blog entry with “Nutella alternative”.

Buon weekend,

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  1. hey, i don’t know how to flag a pic. but here is my nutella alternative. Nutoka, made by Aldi. Prefer it to nutella. mostly probably because i grew up eating it all the time. But recently it turned nuttier and it is no longer as nice…

  2. I liked Zimmer’s thesis: “like a 6-year-old who exaggerates about something on the playground to impress and gain friends.”

    And just for the minutes: “dastardliness” is my new fav word, like, sort of.

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