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The view from Monte San Giorgio

The weather was perfect in Ticino. Went swimming and hiking and visiting friends.


The Sheep Market

10 000 online sheep for sale



Make your own Camera

Download the following pdf and make your own pinhole camera:
Lighthouse in a Tree

Nice marketing idea!

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Weekend posting…

I’ve been lazing around watching sports on TV… instead of going jogging myself. It’s raining, but that’s no excuse for a northener, is it?

Here are a couple of links that crossed my paths this week:

Strategic commenting provides a good write-up how you can build a community around your blog thru thoughtful and interesting comments.

Mlle A. sent me this background article on Online Plagiarism. Beats me why people copy entire blogs word for word … List and quote from your sources, but don’t just copy and pretend its your own. It’s your personal mix of links and views that makes blogging special.

And then there’s the link to the temporary results of my study on Nutella alternatives. So far one other person has joined me. If you get to try a chocolate spread by another manufacturer, please tag your Flickr pics/blog entry with “Nutella alternative”.

Buon weekend,

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Another Malawi blog

newly started:
Malawi Wildlife


You can’t keep up!

Kathy provides tips how to reduce the info overload/pressure-to-keep-up stress:

  • Find the best aggregators.
  • Get summaries.
  • Cut the redundancy!
  • Unsubscribe to as many things as possible.
  • Recognize that gossip and celebrity entertainment are black holes.
  • Pick the categories you want for a balanced perspective, and include some from OUTSIDE your main field of interest.
  • Be a LOT more realistic about what you’re likely to get to, and throw the rest out.
  • In any thing you need to learn, find a person who can tell you what is: Need to know, Should know, Nice to know, Edge case, only if it applies to you specifically, or Useless.

My 2 Pence:
As a generalist genuinely interested in a lot of things, this is a challenge.

I’ve reduced the number of RSS feeds to a bare minimum. I’m using RSS to watch the comments and entries at my various sites. And to get my daily Dilbert.

I use to bookmark interesting sites that I find. This blog itself is also a kind of online bookmark or online scrap book, where I document links, howtos, interesting articles for future reference. I’ve started adding favorite blogs to Technorati’s faves. Although Technorati’s search is still deplorable, I’m hoping it will improve in time.

I’ve found that is a good and fast search engine for tags.

Currently I don’t have any newspaper or magazine subscriptions. I tend to keep up with news via the web or TV. And I don’t printout web articles except when I know I won’t have access on the plane or train. I use Google alerts to keep up with news from other parts of the world.

And I agree personal contacts are really the way to find out what you need to know. And reading a book offline.

Do you have any tips? Best practices?

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A nurse midwife writes about her work experience in Lilongwe – sad and heart-wrenching with glimpses of hope.

I found a Quicktime movie about her work, but I can’t view it on my Windoze machine, even though I have the required Quicktime player.

[update] The video now works but it’s on a slowish server.

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Handmade iPod Sock

The Management and Staff of today sighted a handmade iPod sock in an office somewhere in Basel.

i love tags that are not yet being used by others.

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Network Africa on Blogging

Network Africa interviewed Malawi blogger Mwai Kasamale.

Found out about this via SBAW-related posts