Buon Weekend

It’s Saturday morning. Time for the traditional weekend post, but don’t expect any recipes today. (I did bookmark a great recipe blog though. Somewhere.)
For some reason I set the alarm yesterday evening…. so here I am on my second cup of Mzuzu coffee and my second cup of Rooibos. Still half asleep.

Pages that caught my (short span of) attention this week:

Va bene… have a good weekend! Alles wird gut.

BTW, I’ve turned off the default rich editor feature in WordPress. It was driving me up the wall when I wanted to edit the HTML…

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  1. “use testimonials” – “Hey, testimonials. Cool! We’ll use…oh no. Wait. We cannot ask them to use it. They will not let us use their testimonials, it’s going to out them to our competition…”

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