Buying a New Laptop

I’m planning to purchase a notebook in the very near future. It should:

  • work flawlessly with Ubuntu
  • be mobile and quiet (not to heavy and big)
  • work with many applications at one time in GNOME / KDE with reasonable performance, i.e. mostly Web, email, Open Office, programming, DVD, music, (no gaming)
  • cost around 1500 CHF

I’ve browsed thru a couple of Linux laptop pages:

There’s tonnes of information out here… and I need help on the specs. Esp. with graphic cards and processors.
I guess, one way is to take my live CD and test my way thru…

What is your experience? Appreciate any help you can provide

Help Save the German Language

Adopt a German word for 5 Euro:

Apparently the German language needs your help:

…Werden Sie Wortpate! Beschützen Sie ein deutsches Wort und übernehmen Sie dafür die Verantwortung: Entwickeln Sie das Wort weiter, pflegen Sie es, hüten Sie es vor MiàŸbrauch oder Verdrängung! Schreiben Sie Gedichte mit Ihrem Wort, tauschen Sie sich aus mit anderen Wortpaten und schaffen Sie Wörterbiotope oder -museen, ertüfteln Sie Wortspielereien. Und helfen Sie gleichzeitig mit einer kleinen Spende dem gemeinnützigen Verein Deutsche Sprache. Ihr Einsatz für die Gemeinschaft!

Sie sind der einzige. Jeder kann nur ein Wort betreuen. Jedes Wort wird nur einmal vergeben. Unsere Datenbank sagt Ihnen, ob ihr Lieblingswort (noch) zu haben ist. Sie erhalten dafür eine Urkunde, welche Sie als offiziellen Paten dieses Wortes ausweist. Das Wort “kostet” fünf Euro. Der Erlös geht an den Verein Deutsche Sprache e.V. Der VDS setzt sich ein für Pflege und Weiterentwicklung der deutschen Sprache. Sie helfen also unserer schönen Muttersprache (die über 1500 Jahre alt ist) und stärken unsere kulturelle Identität. Sie helfen uns allen – und helfen sich damit selbst. Geistiger Umweltschutz.

And here’s a list of anglicisms you should avoid.

the smells and sights and sounds…

quote from an interview with Alexandra Fuller:

I am not sentimental about Africa as a place of memories — and I use the word ‘Africa’, knowing that I speak of only a tiny fraction of the continent — so for me, I am not stirred up with old emotions when I go home. When I get off the airplane in Lusaka, I feel at home. The smells and sights and sounds of the part of Africa that I come from are not memories, but a continuing reality. This is what is familiar to me.


Advanced User Guide for Flickr

Flickr Advanced User Guide
includes useful tips such as how to specify the photo privacy level when uploading imgs per email:


  • – Visible to friends
  • – Visible to family
  • – Visible to friends and family
  • – Only visible to you

further tips:

i’m living in a fridge…

Arrived back in Basel. To discover that it’s still winterly cold here. I’m living in a fridge…

I enjoyed my 3 week stay in Blantyre, where I surprisingly still feel at home. As if I never left. Even though much has changed.

My own descriptions of Europe sounded faraway and unreal.

But a visit is always short and has a predefined end, so I really don’t know if this would be different if I moved back.

It was beautifully warm and humid.

The crops are looking good and it looks like there will be a good harvest this year.

I spent a lot of time reading and listening to BBC Africa. And driving the 4WD pick-up around BT.

In true chiperoni tradition, I’ve made some snapshots of stuff I found interesting. And I’ve started uploading them to my Flickr account at:

Such as making guava tree leaf tea to soothe an upset stomach. A doctor we met showed us useful herbs. Growing in our own garden. My mom has invited him for a training. Cos like in any big city, this knowledge is disappearing.

I’m currently reading “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight” by Alexandra Fuller.

Another book that I bought but haven’t started reading yet is “What happens after Mugabe?” by Geoff Hill. That’s an interesting question.