Darwins Nightmare

Saw this documentary about the Lake Victoria fishing industry in Mwanza, Tanzania:

Darwins Nightmare

The only group that Hubert Sauper didn’t interview were the employees in the fish factories…

But otherwise a fairly realistic and saddening description of life along the shores of Lake Victoria, showing how Tanzania exports hundreds of tonnes of fish to Europe and Japan, while many of its citizens cannot afford a daily meal.

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  1. Darwin is really only mentioned in the title. But implicitely it describes a kind of “survival of the fittest” for everybody in Mwanza. And then there’s the introduction of the Nile Perch – an experiment that went wrong and has drastically changed the lake’s ecosystem. Apparently it only took one Nile Perch from one scientist’s bucket to change this. Quite awesome if you compare this to the lake’s size…

    I’m sure, some of the workers would have said how lucky they are to have a stable job and to earn regular salaries. The factories employ 1000s of people…

    See also:

  2. They showed a “gourmet docu” here about fish brokers in Germany and Europe…disgusting.

    What is your guess why the workers weren’t interviewed? Wouldn’t they have made the picture complete?

    And I wonder whether Darwin is mentioned in irony? Couldn’t find an explanation over at the other sites. Did they say in the docu?

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