Toys made from Tin and Wire

The toy museum in Riehen is showing African toys made from tin and wire:

Museen Basel

Riehen Info

According to a newspaper article, the above show focuses on toys from West Africa.

A couple of years ago, a friend and I were discussing an idea to import these very original, handmade toys. I have seen some great toys in Blantyre.

It also explains why some wire fences disappear so fast… kids finding new uses.


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  1. Wire stuff is the latest hype in Japan. Everything that looks vintagy or rebellish of sorts – away from the conventions. Hence, that’s my thesis, their interest in wire objects that were the hype here some years ago [and that are a regular seller in gardening and country feeling fashion]. Remember the milk bottle carrier or the candlesticks made from wire.
    There sure is a market niche that’s worth exploring.

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