the numbers say it all:

  • $26 In CASH per download.
  • 43x current year revenues.
  • works out to about $20 million/Skype employee

source: Om Malik’s Broadband Blog » SkypeBay done for $4.1 Billion.

My comment:
i hope Skype won’t change for the worse. Cos I like the tool and use it often.


nchenga 13 September, 2005 Reply

the above numbers are motivation enough to power the dreams of hundreds of start-ups for years to come!

mademoiselle a. 13 September, 2005 Reply

ebay, paypal, skype….I have said it before, but I never have happy thoughts when I watch fusion buys. And who knows, in the end it’s all being taken in by some Warner type of monster. I favour diversity; but rest assured that the next indie gadget is somewhere out there already.

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