Blogger BBQ

Mark your calendars. There’s a blogger BBQ planned for July 24 in Konolfingen near Bern.

See Blogger-Bräteln 2005 for all relevant details.


nchenga 27 August, 2005 Reply

Late reply but here’s my 2 cents:

Looks like adding -et or -t to a base word is a productive word formation rule. There’s also Schwinget (= Schwingfest, a traditional Swiss sports tournament that looks a bit like wrestling), which is a noun.

mademoiselle a. 20 July, 2005 Reply

Teilet is a noun, then? I thought it was a verb and the appropriate derivation?
[sorry, but looks like C. is caught between 1,5 linguists 😉 ]

christian 18 July, 2005 Reply

Teilet is some sort of… well… original Swiss word, free from any grammatical convention.

Hey nchenga, I didn’t get your inscription yet…

nchenga 13 July, 2005 Reply

i dunno about *official translation* but it kind of means the same.

mademoiselle a. 13 July, 2005 Reply

oh…so Teilet is actually a verb. and either this or währschafte is in wrong size, then [EWST, or ewst…or none of them]? got it.

christian 13 July, 2005 Reply

Ah, is that the official translation?

nchenga 13 July, 2005 Reply

it’s Swiss for BYO (bring your own)

mademoiselle a. 12 July, 2005 Reply

“eine währschafte Schweizer Teilet”

Wiee bidde???

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