Blogger BBQ

Mark your calendars. There’s a blogger BBQ planned for July 24 in Konolfingen near Bern.

See Blogger-Bräteln 2005 for all relevant details.

8 responses to “Blogger BBQ”

  1. Late reply but here’s my 2 cents:

    Looks like adding -et or -t to a base word is a productive word formation rule. There’s also Schwinget (= Schwingfest, a traditional Swiss sports tournament that looks a bit like wrestling), which is a noun.

  2. Teilet is a noun, then? I thought it was a verb and the appropriate derivation?
    [sorry, but looks like C. is caught between 1,5 linguists 😉 ]

  3. Teilet is some sort of… well… original Swiss word, free from any grammatical convention.

    Hey nchenga, I didn’t get your inscription yet…

  4. oh…so Teilet is actually a verb. and either this or währschafte is in wrong size, then [EWST, or ewst…or none of them]? got it.

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