Podcast with Meg Hourihan, Blogger Co-Founder

currently listening to Halley’s interview with Meg Hourihan:

download the podcast here

I’d forgotten about the Segway parody at 0sil8.com

[update June 9] quote from her Tuft profile:

Companies like Google advertise for employees with computer science degree, but as Hourihan herself points out, “On paper I don’t qualify for what their requirements are, and yet they bought my company. Looking at different types of experience and different types of backgrounds is important.”

Having founded two pioneering high-tech companies in the past five years, Hourihan’s English degree may seem a bit incongruous. But she doesn’t think so.

“My career path in technology is not at all an aberration,” she explains. “Many women in technology come to technology later and don’t come through traditional academic, undergraduate degrees.”

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